To enhance your beautiful candle, chose your own decorations and colors for a lovely candleholder.


2 saucers
2 baby food jars
  (or other small jars)
2 candle rings
(flowered, seasonal)
1 candle
(can use homemade here)
glue or glue gun
Black spray pain
(wrought iron looks good)


(If you are going to use a large or tall candle, you may want to fill the bottom baby food jar with sand or rocks for weight.) Glue tops on baby jars. Stack and glue in place (see below drawing):

1 saucer (face up)
1 baby food jar right side up
one baby food jar upside down
1 saucer (face up)

Spray all with black or black wrought iron paint. When dry, cut one candle ring through and place on bottom saucer around jar and glue to close. Put candle on top saucer and put ring around it. Beautiful, isn't it.

FOR SMALL SOAP HOLDER - replace top saucer with cereal bowl and fill with decorative soaps for use in a bathroom.

NOTE: You can cover the entire thing with dried peas and paint white for milk glass look.

Candlestand<     Candlestand with Candle

Submitted by Sheila Bennett


medium baby food jar
approximately 80 toothpicks
berries (fake)

Smear glue on portion of babyfood jar. Place toothpicks straight up and down on jar. Try to keep toothpicks straight across and even. Go all the way around the jars, like a circle picket fence.

When finished, wrap a piece of raffia around it and tie a bow or knot. Accent with approximately three berries or round beads...looks very natural.

This is a great project for kids of all ages.

Thank you, Sheila, for bringing us this great idea.

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