Imagine soft candlelight and romantic music. Making your own candles enhances the mood. You may add your own colors, decorations and scent to be truly yours.


Use empty qt size orange juice or milk container. Cut top off. After setting up wick, fill container with cracked ice. Not too chunky and not too small. (Break up ice in towel with hammer.) Pour wax over slowly. Let set. Gently pour off water and peel off carton. You will have a lacy looking candle. These look good with candle holder made with saucers and baby food jars.

WORD OF CAUTION. It's best to use candle wax from a craft store as parrafin burns hotter and use a double boiler as opposed to a pan directly over a flame. Reduce fire hazard. Enjoy.


Melt different colors of wax (not at the same time) and pour into a shallow aluminum pan. When it has hardened, break it out in chunks. Do this with several colors. When you have enough different colored chunks, place them in your container (a quart or pint sized milk carton works well) along with your wick and then melt and pour a lighter colored or even clear wax into it. When hardened, peel off the carton and you have a great looking candle.


Candle Wax
Container for candle


Container Suggestions:
baby food jars, canning jars,
clean frozen juice concentrate containers
molds (small shallow work good for floating candles

Use a double boiler and pour your wax crystals or chunks in the top of your double boiler. Set on medium heat until wax is melted. Amount you use is determined by size and quantity of candles you wish to make. Use crayons (unpeeled) for colored candles (usually one crayon gives you same color) and navy and silver make beautiful candles.

Prepare your wick: If using a stick wick, you shouldn't have near as much trouble as the pliable string wick. Just stick it in the center of your container after measuring size (allow approx. 1/2" above wax) after you've poured in your wax mixture & allowed to set up a bit, this just keeps the wick in place & prevents it from moving. If using pliable wick, you'll need to tape one end to the bottom of your container (centered) & tie other end to a pencil to balance atop the container, to keep centered until set.

You can add a few drops of scent (there is a special oil for candle scents). You can also put novelties in a mold and cover with clear wax. Such novelties would be shells, flowers or flower petals, old pieces of jewelry, marbles, etc.

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