Claypots are wonderful for making many items. Below are just a couple that I have tried recently.


1 8" pot
1 8" saucer
4 1-1/4" doll head (round ball with flat bottom)

Paint saucer, pot and balls. Decorate at will.



1 very small pot
1 very small saucer
1 votive cup, round
1 3/4" ball
1 1/4" ball
1 gold bead

Paint pot and saucer red, or color of yourchoice. Turn pot upside down and glue on votive cup. Glue large ball on saucer bottom, glue smaller ball on top of large ball. Glue bead on top. Decorate as you wish. I put 1C on the front and painted a black hole for dispensing. Fill votive cup with M&Ms, gum, peanuts, etc. These small ones are really quite cute. However, you can make them larger by getting bigger pots and saucers and using an ivy vase. Try to find the ones with a plain, not ruffled, edge.

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