Size G crochet hook
1 skein red knitting worsted
about 2 oz green and white

Crochet 6 granny squares join as in picture by crocheting together or using a darning or plastic canvas needle and single strand of yarn. The boots will look better if joined right side out. Join front of boot only 1/2 way up the top square. Add row of double crochet in white around top for trim. Add hanging hook. Braid or crochet strands of yarn for bootlace. If making for a girl, you can put 2 double crochets in each stitch around top creating a ruffled effect.


String boot lace across top of toe as well. Or tie at ankle area. Fold back boot flaps. If you want a bigger stocking, add another row. If you plan to use the boot for filling, you may wish to line it.

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