1 skein white knitting worsted
about 2 oz green or red
2 - 3" Styrofoam balls
2 - 4" Styrofoam balls
10 - 1/2"-5/8" black pom-poms
2 - 1/2"-5/8" red pom-poms
Crochet hook size H (if too big to fit snugly, use a G)
2 popsicle sticks
1 large white pom-pom

HEAD (make 2)

Row 1: Ch 20, dc in 4th ch from hook and in next 2 ch, in next ch work 2 dc, dc along ch working 2 dc every 4th ch, ch 3, turn (22 dc).
Row 2: Dc across, inc every 4th dc, ch 3, turn (27 dc).
Row 3: Repeat Row 2 (33 dc).
Row 4: Dc in each dc across.
Row 5: Dc in next 2 dc, work a dec over next 2 dc, dc across row dec every 4th dc (27 dc).
Row 6: Repeat Row 5.
Row 7: Repeat Row 5 (18 dc).
Break off yarn leaving 8-10". Wrap this piece around a 3" ball and sew the seam.

BODY (make 2)

(Note: At the end of each row, ch 3 to start the next row.)
Ch 16 and join to make a ring.
Round 1: Ch 3, dc in each ch across (16 dc, counting the ch 3).
Round 2: Dc across row, inc every other dc (24 dc).
Round 3: Dc around, inc every 4th dc (30).
Round 4: Repeat Round 3 (37).
Round 5: work 2 dc in the last dc to make a total of 45 dc.
Rows 6-8: Dc across row.
Break off yarn. Cut a small piece off one end of the 4" ball to make a flat bottom so the snowman will sit flat and fit the piece just crocheted around the ball.

Make a bottom as follows: Ch 2, 14 sc in last ch and join with a sl st (15 sc).
Row 2: Work 2 sc in each sc around (30 sc), join with a sl st, ch 1.
Row 3: *1 sc in next sc, 2 sc in next sc and repeat from * (45).
Break off yarn and sew in place.
Place a Popsicle stick in the head piece and in the bottom piece for support. Sew (join) together at neck.


HAT: With red (or green) ch 37, join to form a ring.
Round 1: Sc in each ch, join to 1st sc (37 sc).
Round 2: Ch 3, dc in each sc, join to top of ch 3.
End off and join in white yarn.
Round 3: Ch 3, dc in each dc and join to beginning ch 3.
Break off white and join in red (or green).
Round 4: Dc in each dc, dec every 4th dc (30 dc), join, ch 3.
Round 5: Repeat Round 4 (24 dc).
Round 6: Dc in each dc dec every 3rd dc (18 dc).
Rounds 7-8: Dc in each dc, join, ch 3.
Round 9: Rep Round 6, join, ch 3 (14 dc).
Round 10: Repeat Round 6, join, ch 3 (11 dc).
Round 11: Dc, dec every other dc.
Break off yarn and sew top of hat together and large white pom-pom in place.

SCARF: With red (or green), ch 4, sc in 2nd ch from hook and next 2 ch, ch 1, turn. Work 3 rows in sc, break off yarn and join in white. Work 2 rows in sc. Break off and join in red (or green) and work 44 rows in sc. Break off and join in white for 2 rows sc. Break off and join in red (or green) and work 4 more rows sc. Break off yarn. Cut 12 3" pieces of white and tie 6 at each end for fringe.

Sew the cap in place and tie the scarf around his neck.


HAT: With red (or green), ch 37, join, ch 3. Rounds 1-2: Dc in each st, join to 1st st, ch 3.
Round 3: Dc in each dc. Dec every 4th dc (30 dc).
Round 4: Ch 3, dc in each dc, dec every other dc (20 dc), join, ch 3.
Round 5: repeat Round 4 (14 dc).
Round 6: sc around, dec every st (7 sc).
Sew together.

FLOWER FOR HAT: With white, ch 5, join. *Ch 6, sl st in ring and repeat from * 5 times. Break off, sew in place.

RUFFLE: With white, join in bottom of hat. Ch 3, work 1 dc in same sp, in next dc work 3 dc, *in next dc work 2 dc, in next work 3 dc and repeat around. Break off yarn.

CAPE: With white, ch 76. Break off. With red (or green) start in 26th ch, ch 3, in next ch work 2 dc, *dc in next dc, 2 dc in next dc and repeat until there are 39 dc. Work 3 rows in red, 1 row in white (dc rows). Finish with 2 rows of sc with red. Break off yarn. Sew cape in place and tie cape around neck.

Glue pom-poms in place for both. 1 red nose, 2 black eyes, 3 buttons down front.

NOTES: I am a very loose crocheter and have had to make adjustments to this pattern. They are as follows for those who may do the same thing. I use a G hook. In the BODY, eliminate round 4. This makes the body 1 round shorter and 7 stitches smaller. This works for me.

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