Randa has shared these fabulous ideas with us. I know I plan to use most, if not all, of them. What about you?

Randa writes...I am always looking for craft ideas. I will be making most of my Christmas gifts this year. I am particularly interested in computer crafts. Here are some of the ideas I have come up with:

I printed on recipe cards with recipes from restraunts. You can find these at

Also I am going to print small cards, address label size, with quotes and scriptures on them and will put them in a box for my sister to read one each day.

For my brother-in-law I am going to make a mousepad with his son's picture on it. I found mousepads for $1.99 each at and all you have to do is print what you want on transfer paper and iron it on. I am making calendars for the family and will also print stickers for them. I will also print VHS labels for one of my sisters,ie "This Tape Belongs To....".

For my children I am making "Travel Boxes" They tend to fight in the car so I am buying each an inexpensive plastic container and will fill with small pack of colors, blank paper and printed activities. For my older son I will print crossword puzzles and word searches. For younger ones I will print simple phonics and coloring pages. The container is used as a desk, so get one with a smooth top. The resources are endless on the internet.

I know this is getting long, but here are a few other ideas: frosted candle holders, wreath,Cinnamon Glazed Almonds, Movie basket including certificate for movie rental, microwave popcorn, and theatre-size candy. For my mom, I bought a beautiful angel-shaped card and framed it.

Please share your ideas with us.

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