These are great to make and put in a basket. You can make bunches and give one to each visitor that comes to your home during the Christmas season. Or make as sets or singles as gifts for family and friends.


3" Styrofoam Ball
Christmas Napkin
Mod Podge (or other Decoupage Medium)
Hook (cup hook is okay - if no hook, insert both ends of pipe cleaner until only a small loop is left)

Cut around picture on napkin you wish to use on ball. If napkin is white, it is not necessary to cut picture on line as the white will not show as it is being applied to white (styrofoam). Separate the plys. You only want your picture to be one layer of napkin.

Dip hook in glue or Mod Podge and insert in styrofoam ball

Apply thin layer of Mod Podge over entire ball.

Apply napkin picture and press onto ball. Do not worry about the entire picture not sticking. It will in the next step.

Let Dry ... this step is important to not allow dust or air to form between layers.

Apply another thin layer of Mod Podge over entire ball making sure the picture is covered and is now pressed down so it will adhere. It looks milky but will dry clear.

Let dry between coats of Mod Podge and use as many coats as you wish. I usually use about 3 top coats.

Apply last thin coat of Mod Podge and sprinkle diamond dust over entire ball. Tap off loose dust on waxed paper to save.

Let dry overnight.

You can apply a ribbon and small decoration (greenery, etc.) to hook.

These balls are a great idea for the newlyweds celebrating their 1st Christmas together. Ask your guests to sign a ball. This helps build your ornament collection and provides good memories in years to come.


Glass colored balls Glue (in a squeeze bottle with a point) Glitter (put in a bowl with a cover)

Write name on ball with the glue and roll it around in the glitter. Let dry. Hang on tree.


6" Styrofoam Ball
Medicine Cups (available from a medical supply store)
3" corsage pins (pearl top)
gold balls with hole through center (or any color you choose)
Pipe Cleaner
White Glue
Red Ribbon or Cord
Mistletoe or greenery

Before starting you will want to burn a hole through each medicine cup. I use a corsage pin and a candle. Heat the pin and push through the bottom of the plastic medicine cup. Now we are ready.

Bend pipe cleaner in half. Dip ends in glue and shove into styrofoam ball leaving about an inch as a hanger.

Using a Q-tip, smear glue in bottom of medicine cup and sprinkle with glitter. Smear glue around outer edge of cup and dip in glitter. Shake off excess. Push corsage pin through a gold ball and then through the hole in the cup you just burned. Smear glue on bottom of cup and pin and push into the 6" styrofoam ball. Do this all over the ball (will look like a honeycomb). Add cord to pipecleaner hook for hanging. Put several loops of red ribbon on bottom (or use a tassel) and several loops plus the mistletoe on top of ball. Hang in a strategic spot and "let the kissing begin."


Clear Ball with Removable Top
or Clear Plastic Ball that comes apart
Birdseed (not too much)
Ribbons or hangers
Picks or Greenery

Pour a little birdseed in ball (about 1/3 Cup). Close. Seal if necessary. Add hanger. Add Greenery. Add Bird. (See Picture)


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