Wooden Spoons Wooden Balls
(size of small pea)
Spanish Moss or any hair Sharpie marker or paint
scrap fabric, 15" sq lace, eyelet, pearls

I sprayed my wooden spoon with hair spray before I painted face on it. Test first as some markers bleed. Glue on wooden ball for nose. Paint face. (On girls, we used q-tip to add blush.) Glue on hair. Cut 12" (or more circle from fabric and cut with pinking shears (so you don't have to sew.) Make tiny "x" in center (about 1/8") and push spoon handle through. This becomes the dress. Add lace, eyelet, ruffle, pearls, beads, etc. to cover at neck. Add lace, eyelet, ruffle to bottom (eyelet is pretty showing underneat...as a petticoat. Cut fabric 2" x 12" and glue or sew in tube shape. Thread chenille stem through. Attach to neck with one twist under trim. Glue in place. Trim wrists and add lace, eyelet, etc. Put doll in 16 oz (or larger) soda bottle filled with sand, rocks, etc. Tape around top to prevent spilling.

These "dolls" are the same method I used on the wreath for my sons. You can see a picture on the wreaths page. Be creative. Why not make your family and take a family portrait? The possibilities are endless.

I'd love to hear from you if you made any of these.

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