10/20/01 - A 50th Birthday Wreath has been added to the Gag Gifts page. This was sent in by a visitor to the site. Thanks, Sharon.

10/18/01 - See my Craftpal Lynne and all her fabulous crafts.

9/4/01 - Granny has added another picture of her daughter Bonnie and Michael to her Personal Scrapbook.

7/26/01 - Puzzle Piece Wreath A good way to use up those puzzles with missing pieces.

7/12/01 - Crystal Birthstone Angels

6/30/01 - A beautiful header was created special for me by Luci at Craftpals for the home page.

6/29/01 - Granny has added 2 pictures of her beautiful daughter Bonnie and her boyfriend Mike to her Personal Scrapbook.

6/29/01 - I have added a page Gifts From Friends. I have shown to items from Lynne J., a Craftpal.

6/18/01 - Scrapbooking page. Includes Rubber Stamping, Cards, etc.

6/18/01 - You might want to check out Granny's Scrapbook while you're at it.

6/2/01 - Pictures from Christmas Swap May 2001

6/2/01 - Pictures from Granny Square Swap May 2001

5/31/01 - Posted picture of fishermen on a personal wreath

4/20/01 - I have added a Ponderings page just to share a simple thought or two on a different view of what we see in our day to day lives.

4/19/01 - On the index page there is a framed drawing. This will link you to my progress as I attempt to learn to paint.

4/15/01 - We've added a second page to our small gift ideas.

4/13/01 - A new page with many ideas for Gag Gifts

4/03/01 - My best CraftPal.

3/30/01 - A new page with many ideas on the use of recycled coffee cans.

11/27/00 - A new page on claypots has been added. Shown is a cookie pot and a small candy dispenser.

11/20/00 - The move to the new site is final. Pages have been cleaned up for better better ease of movement and music has been eliminated in order to increase speed.

10/04/00 - Sheila Bennett has sent us a great idea for another candle holder using a baby food jar. Toothpick Candleholder

8/19/00 - I've been working on all the pages at the Hideaway trying to make this site easier to navigate. Still a lot of work to be done. I am also trying to get some pictures up. Many of you have asked for them. It's slow going because I have to make the things first. But bear with me and if you have any suggestions, by all means send them my way. Thanks.

8/18/00 - Crocheted Santas Boot
8/18/00 - Crocheted Mr and Mrs Snowman
8/18/00 - Plastic Bag Wreath
Made from plastic sandwich bags
8/18/00 - Baby Food Jar Candlestand

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